Mlimi Radio has officially been launched!

In attendance was the Minister of Flanders -HE Mr. Mathias Diependaele, Minister of Information and Digitisation- Hon Moses Kunkuyu, Minister of Agriculture- Hon Sam Kawale, MACRA Director General- Daud Suleman, and many other delegates.

Mlimi Radio, is a Pro-Agriculture radio station currently with frequencies in 15 districts of the country.

As a radio station, Mlimi Radio is going to create a platform where policymakers in agriculture can easily interact and create a space for farmers to discuss their experiences. The radio station is also geared to complement the government’s efforts in achieving Vision 2063 through improving productivity and commercialization.

Mlimi Radio is a subsidiary of Farm Radio Trust; a non-profit organization that has been in existence for 14 years and its mission is to build sustainable agri-business and transformative development services using ICTs.

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