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Welcome to Farm Radio Trust(FRT)

Farmers First , Farmers Throughout, Farmers Last

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Radio Programing

Our Radio Programs equip farmers with knowledge on sustainable agriculture

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A direct response center dedicated to answer questions and give advisories to farmers


Dedicated team

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Farm Radio Trust (FRT) is a leading non- governmental organization dedicated exclusively to serving smallholder communities through the provision of ICT based information, communication, extension and advisory services in Malawi with a growing reputation and involvement in program and policy development processes across sub-Saharan Africa


‘World that has sustainable livelihoods of farming communities’


To be a center of excellence for ICT based extension and advisory services through transformative programming, capacity building, advocacy and partnerships founded on research and knowledge management”.

Our Values

About Us

Farm Radio Trust(MW) provides different services to farmers. These include

  • Increased innovative rural development oriented extension and advisory services through radio programming and other ICTs.
  • Increased technical capacity of FRT and partner institutions to design, deliver and package quality and relevant rural development programming and content. 
  • Established research, knowledge management processes and systematic monitoring and evaluation for transformative programming. 
  • Increased advocacy and lobbying towards the role of ICT based extension and advisory services as a key information pathway for sustainable development.
  • Effective networks and partnerships for ICT based extension and advisory services.
  • Knowledge Management Services

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