Mrs. Dija Andasoni is a farmer from Ng’ombe village, traditional authority Namavi in Makanjira, Mangochi. The widowed mother of 5 boys saw no hope after the death of her husband who was the sole bread winner. After years of struggling with household economic woes, the introduction of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) through radio programs opened her eyes to new farming opportunities. Subsequently, she ventured into OFSP production, specifically grew the Kadya Ubwelere variety of OFSP, but also a local variety on small piece of land for comparison. “OFSP produces more and healthier tubers than local varieties”, she explained with excitement. She also said that OFSP tastes much better than local varieties. From the winter sales she made MK30,000 and used some to feed her family. Mrs. Andasoni plans to grow more OFSP on a bigger piece of land and also plans to buy livestock from OFSP farming.

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