NACDC formed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD), has the mandate to coordinate the processes and efforts amongst players in Agriculture extension and advisory services; coordinate content generation process; validate and approve content; coordinate quality assurance, monitoring of feedback and user satisfaction; and to ensure sustainability of the content development processes.

NACDC also exists to harmonize efforts by different stakeholders in content development for various ICT based approaches and to control the quality of agriculture content in Malawi by ensuring technical correctness and relevance of the content. The NACDC committee is composed of experts from different MoAIWD departments and organizations with vested interests in content, ICT platforms and farmers issues. The MoAIWD through Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) provides leadership and coordination. The Chairperson of NACDC comes from non-state actors (Farm Radio Malawi) whilst the secretariat is maintained at DAES

Cross-Section of Participants

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