One of our stakeholders, who is a member of the District agriculture Extension Coordination Committee(DAECC) and a member of the Civil Society Network in Nsanje gave feedback on our “Mbeu Zovomerezeka ndi Boma” radio programs. He wrote”

“I listened to a very informative program with rich information on good seed; not sure if that can be aired on our local radios as well to reach out to more farmers. If not possible now you can consider it in future”

This program is being aired every Tuesday on Mzati FM and Zodiak at 15:30 and 17:30 respectively.  In our last program, we featured farmers from Lilongwe and Kasungu districts, who were sharing their experiences on issues to do with seed selection.  In addition we also talked to Dr, Grace Kaudzu from the Seed Services Unit(SSU) at Chitedze Research Station in Lilongwe. The program was produced and aired in collaboration with Cisanet Malawi and the Seed Traders Association of Malawi (STAM), with financial support from USAID and the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa(AGRA).

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