Our Current Projects

The “Scaling up Radio and ICTs for Enhanced Extension Delivery (SRIEED) II (2020-2025)’ in Malawi is a second phase of SRIEED I (2014-2019) grant from the Government of Flanders contributing to the agricultural transformation agenda.

The overall goal of SRIEED II is to “contribute to improved food security and nutrition, income, resilience among smallholder farmer households. To achieve this overall goal Farm Radio Trust will implement a set of activities as provided in chapter 5. SRIEED II will consequently lead to the following direct project outcomes: (i) Increased awareness, knowledge and skills among male and female SHFs, (ii) Increased application and adoption of technologies among men, women, male and female youths (iii) enabled conducive policy environment for digital extension and (iv) higher use of market linkages platforms. 

With funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Feed the Future (FTF) Agriculture Diversification Activity, Farm Radio Trust is spearheading the communication aspects of the project including growth of agriculture incomes and employment, resilience of smallholder farmers strengthened, Nutrition status of women and children improved and women empowerment. The projects targets over 1 million farm families. FRT is using multimedia approach: Interactive radio, mobile phone, farmer mediated videos and the Call Centre (Mlimi Hotline) to help farmers access real time extension services. FRT has been running radio campaigns on the Fall Army Worm, Aflatoxin management, PICS Bag, Groundnuts, Soybeans, Inoculant, Drip Irrigation, Good Seed, Nutrition and Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato. Soon the project will run a campaign on Bamboo value chain.

Project With funding from the World Food Programme Farm Radio Trust is implementing phase II of the Interactive Weather and Climate Adaptation Radio Programming (IWCARP) project in Mangochi, Machinga, Balaka, Zomba, Blatyre Rural, and Chikwawa districts. The project aims at reducing the vulnerability of society to climate related hazards through better provision of climate services or tailored weather and climate information designed to inform decision making of smallholder farmers. The IWCARP project develops and disseminates weather and climate related information to over 35% of farming families in the target six districts through interactive radio programming; builds capacity of partner radio stations to design and produce high quality weather and climate related radio services; and to improve interactivity and reach of the radio services to at least10% of the targeted farming families through integration of other ICTs specifically mobile platforms.

Trocaire Phase II project which aims to scale-up Agroecology through Radio and dissemination of Climate and Weather Information to communities and provision of agricultural advisories. The project is being implemented in five (5) districts, namely: Chikwawa, Zomba, Machinga, Balaka and Dedza.