FRT has been promoting the use of PICS Bags to reduce post-harvest losses, but also to ensure the consumption of chemical-free grains. On 8th November FRT  participated in PICS Bags Technology Upscaling Workshop at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe, organized by Feed the Future Agriculture Diversification Activity with funding from USAID.

FRT to upscale PICS Technology will raise awareness of the PICS bags and share knowledge using radio, mobile phone, call center, and video.


“What we don’t know does not exist and can not use it” George Vilili FRT CEO.

5P’s to be used.
People – Who has used it and what was the result.
– The Product – What PICS bag is and how different is it from the other bags?
– The Profit – What will the farmers benefit from using it?
– The Place – where can farmers find it?
– The Price – What is the price and long term benefits compared to other types of bags?



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