As researchers, extension workers, donors or decision makers, our final target beneficiaries are the farmers. This week FRT together with 16 other organizations under The National Agriculture Content Development Committee (NACDC) has taken on the course of formulating mediated and farmer centered content for the 2020-2021 farming season.

The aim is to uplift standards of the small holder farmer as well as the commercial farmers by providing timely agriculture content and information that reflects the current 2020/2021 agriculture seasonal forecast as well as all other crosscutting issues to enable farmers to make informed agricultural decisions.

NACDC 2020-2021 agriculture content Development workshop we have participants from (FAO), Self Help Africa, Adra International , NASFAM , DAES, DARS,MaFAAS, DoDMA, DAHLD, ACE,SANE ,LUANAR, DCCMS, Feed the Future, Word food Programme , Department of Forestry , VIAMO and Land Resource Conservation.

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