Scaling-up Radio and ICTs in Enhancing Extension Delivery (SRIEED)

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The Challenge

The agricultural sector remains the backbone of the Malawian economy, accounting for over eighty percent of the country’s employment and over one third of its GDP. The sector is predominated by small-scale farms, yet smallholder farmers continue to face persistent challenges that threaten their income and food security. Extension services that aim to serve these farmers are often inadequate, failing to reach most farmers and providing information that is out of touch with the needs of rural populations.

Our Solution

Farm Radio Trust has been working to address this challenge since its creation in 2009 through the use of radio and other ICTs. The SRIEED project will help FRT scale-up these efforts by increasing the number of radio stations airing farm radio programs, widening listenership and improving the extension services being offered through ICT platforms.


The SRIEED project is structured by five major objectives:

  1. Increase availability and accessibility of innovative farmer advisory services through impact radio programming and enhanced use of other ICTs.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of actors in the radio and ICT-based extension service industry.
  3. Improve agricultural extension knowledge management practices that evaluate, document and inform radio and ICTs in agricultural extension delivery.
  4. Advocate and lobby for the increased role of radio and ICTs in agricultural extension delivery.
  5. Promote networking and partnership development amongst radio and ICT service providers.


The SRIEED project is slated to begin implementation in July 2014.

SRIEED Project Profile

Focus: Scaling-up organizational goals

Location: Lilongwe, Mchinji, Nkhotakota, Kasunga, Mzimba and Mangochi districts, Malawi

Implementation Period: July 2014-June 2019

Status: Planning

Project Lead: Rex Chapota, Executive Director

Partners: Flanders International Cooperation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Natural Resources College, Farmers Union of Malawi

Radio Station Partners: Yet to be determined